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Skaperne av Fanthomas er tilbake med en ny VGTV-serie. Denne gangen er det Siv Jensen som er. Første episode i serien fra VG. Beklager at det har tatt så lang tid, har prøvd så mange ganger å få den ut uten. Fra parodiserien Sex og SingelSiv på VGTV. A song from a show, a parody on the Norwegian politician.

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This is the ultimate guide to teaching children about sexual health and is ideal for educators and parents alike. Sexual Consent and Gender Stereotypes. Saleema NoonMeg Hickling. Meg Hickling is a retired registered nurse and an award-winning educator and author who has been instilling knowledge of sexual health in children and adults for over 30 years. In Talk Sex Today,Noon delivers an intelligent and sensible blend of current, inclusive, and practical information for children and teens — and the adults who love . Tredje episode i serien fra VG. Jeg eier ikke rettighetene til denne filmen. Enjoy;). Omg I love how Samantha didn't give it one single thought to call her a bitch!! She just straight up said like it. Sex is a big part of a relationship and it's also a big part of dating. What is appropriate etiquette when it comes.


Sex og SingelSiv - Episode 3 En Mullah Til Besvær del 1

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